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Jackson Hole Wooden Boat Float Trips

Join us for an experience you will never forget. AJ DeRosa's Wooden Boat Float Tours offers Jackson Hole's premier scenic float experience. Enjoy the Teton views from the comfort of our Wooden Dories. Relax after your trip at our Tipi Camp - a place our guests call "Magical".

Since 1978 our parent company "Fat Boy Fishing" has used traditional wooden Mackenzie River dories for guided fishing trips on the Snake River in Jackson Hole and in Yellowstone National Park. Wooden Boat River Tours now offers this remarkable experience to the Jackson Hole scenic floater as well.

Our tours focus on the wildlife, flora and majestic scenery of the valley's riparian habitat and offer a rare opportunity to enjoy a private river excursion in a finely crafted wooden boat. Our tours also offer breakfast, gourmet appetizers or a five star dinner at our Tipi camp located on the river in a quiet corner of the valley. We also operate Snake River Sleigh Rides and Wildlife Snowshoe Adventures which are great winter time tours.

Our Boats

One Boat Waiting for Guests
At Wooden Boat River Tours, our boats exempify our dedication to quality and attention to detail. Unlike the large inflatable rafts that hold a dozen or more people, our smaller, shallow draft wooden boats allow us to get out of the main river and explore it's many side channels. Here we can stop and get a more intimate glimpse of life along the river bottom. The boats are traditional in design and fabricated of the finest materials available. Most were hand built by the guide who operates it and each craft has a bit of that guide's personality in the boat's custom finishing touches. The boats are our mission statement, when we reflect on who we are or how we do things, we need look no further than our boats. For a more complete history of the Mackenzie River Boat, please see our Links to More Info.
Guide stopped for lunch

Our Guides

It's not just the pretty boats that bring our clients back year after year. Our guides experience and dedication to excellence is what separates us from the rest. Our 5 man guide staff has a total of 116 years of river running and fishing experience ranging from Alaska to Central and South America. All are local valley residents with extensive knowledge of the rich history of the area and the riparian habitat. They are naturalists, entomologists, and historians. They love what they do and it shows.


Wildlife & Bird Watching

The Snake River corridor is home to many bird and mammal species. We typically see Mallard, Goldeneye and Bufflehead Ducks as well as Canadian geese and the Common Merganser. We will also see the prehistoric looking Great Blue Heron and a Heron rookery. We frequently see Bald Eagles and Osprey diving for fish. The Sunrise and Sunset floats offer the best opportunities for seeing Moose, Elk and Deer. At dusk we are often startled by the splash of a Beaver's tail as he dives in view of our boat and River Otter, Mink and Coyotes are not uncommon along the riverbank.

Snake River Area Residents "Gallery"

Mallard Couple


Those in pursuit of unique images will discover many opportunities not available along the roadside. You'll really appreciate our drift boats' stability and versatility and when you see the shot of a lifetime, we'll beach the boat so you can set up your tripod.

Fly Fishing

We've been guiding fly fishermen in our wooden dories for 30+ years. Whether beginner or expert, we can show you the best the Snake River and Yellowstone area has to offer. We also have access to private water for casting and fishing lessons.

Group Events

We have a great deal of experience with corporate events; team building, thank you for a job well done, or a break from a busy training session. We have also hosted many private events; rehearsal dinners, weddings and family reunions. Call us (307 732-BOAT) to make arrangements for a unique experience tailored to your exact requirements and budget.