Breakfast With The Eagles

Old Married Couple

Early morning provides a wonderful opportunity to observe the area's diverse wildlife and enjoy the solitude of a private scenic float. The Snake River corridor is home to myriad bird and mammal species.

Mallard, Goldeneye and Bufflehead ducks are very common. Canadian geese and the Common Merganser are always around, often trailing a brood of young. The prehistoric looking Great Blue Heron and a Heron rookery will be seen as well. We occasionally see Sand Hill Cranes which are particulary majestic in flight and their trumpeting call can be heard from great distances.

Seven pairs of nesting eagles inhabit this section of the river and sightings of Eagles, Osprey and American White Pelicans are a daily occurrence. We frequently see Bald Eagles  and Osprey  diving for fish and when successful it is truly amazing. The early morning also offers some of the best opportunities to see Moose, Elk and Deer.

We will also see a wide variety of wildflowers and beautiful stands of mature trees. When we complete our float we stop at our private riverside tipi camp and enjoy a delicious brunch.

Trip Times

Trips depart at 7am daily, trip duration is 3 to 4 hours.

What To Bring

Sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, sweater or jacket, shoes that can get wet, camera, binoculars/spotting scope, bathing suit (optional). Any specialty/adult beverages that you may like.

What We Provide

Transportation from and back to the Village Road Transit Center at the corner of Highways 22 and 390 near Wilson. Lifejackets, raincoats, binoculars, field guide books, dry storage for cameras, a cooler with ice and cold beverages, and a delicious riverside brunch.